About Me

I grew up in a town with mountains, rivers, and an abundance of nature.

I draw a lot of my inspiration from natural settings, and I think it shows in my work.

From the sky, water and the beauty of nature, I am able to translate these thoughts and feelings into my work from my day-to-day thoughts.

I teach ceramics classes at primary schools, middle schools, high schools, culture centers and schools for people who are disabled. While the procedure may be different, we enjoy the process of making things, taking ideas and then making them into form. Experiencing the joy that people get from this process is a continuous learning experience for both sides.

I studied ceramics at London's art college, as well as a studio in Brighton from January to March of 2012. There I was able to learn a lot about the creation process, different perspectives regarding ceramics, and further enrich my life. However, I feel as though my studies have only begun, and I would really like to further learn about the differences in ceramics from Japan to various other countries.

I believe I can help channel both Japan's traditional sense of craft and art, as well as a variety of today's ceramics around the world. I'd like to be able to create both traditional and avant-garde ceramics (past and present-day art forms), and to better understand and be able to fuse Western and Japanese tastes to my work.

Up until now, I've been both a creator and teacher of ceramics. I would really like to continue along this path and draw upon my experience and learning to further this goal. I would really like to connect the thoughts, ideas and works of children and spectators, as well as the works of professionals into my own, to create a masterpiece for my life.


Kellie Miller Biscuit Studio (UK)